[vlc-devel] [PROPOSAL] lib: New API to use imem for access.

Mark Lee mark.lee at capricasoftware.co.uk
Mon Jan 13 14:48:13 CET 2014

This patch is a strawman proposal to add an API for imem access
via LibVLC.

The patch is tested and working, but is limited in scope to using
imem for access, and not (yet) for demux.

I wanted some early feedback to see if a) it's on the right track,
or not; b) get some input on what the API should be like (e.g.
should demux also be exposed, should it be the same or separate
API etc); and c) see if people think it's actually useful or not.

To be honest I am sceptical about the general usefulness since
seeking is not supported by imem, and people who ask about this
often say they need seeking too - but here it is anyway...

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