[vlc-devel] Warnings building VLC

Peter Tap ptrtap at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 19 01:22:27 CEST 2014


Environment: Ubuntu 14.04. Latest build environment. gcc version 4.8.2.  VLC 2.1.5 source.

I am trying to build VLC and am seeing a few warnings. 

1. When bootstrap is run, I see a bunch of warning "option subdir-objects is disabled.' 
2. When configure is run, I get the following warning. Do I need to install something?
    ./configure: line 50817: kde4-config: command not found
3. During make, a bunch of warnings with the following message:
   config.h:789:0: warning: ignoring #pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS [-Wunknown-pragmas

The build still seems to go through. However, I am worried that I am missing something important.

I would appreciate your help in overcoming these problems.

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