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Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Jun 10 16:53:46 CEST 2014

On 10 Jun, Rafaël Carré wrote :
> vlc | branch: master | Rafaël Carré <funman at videolan.org> | Tue Jun 10 10:32:49 2014 -0400| [50c3fae8cf2de1de28632a7767f6cf6b44b762d1] | committer: Rafaël Carré
> contrib: qt 5.3.0

This enables SSE2 on Windows by default.

If we disable it, as there is no autodetection anymore (why?), it will
be slower than Qt5.2.1 on all processors.
If we enable it, it will break in older processors, including Athlon XP
and some Pentium-M.

Seeing that people complained when 2.1.0 broke those processors, and the
bugreports we had, I think it is a bad idea to do this now.

I suggest we postpone this change for 3.0.0, once we have a good way for

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