[vlc-devel] Adding translation for new feature

Kj Tsanaktsidis kjtsanaktsidis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 12:19:49 CEST 2014

I'm working on adding a minor new feature to VLC (being able to see the
disc number in the playlist view for multi-disc albums). This of course
requires a couple of new strings, and since I speak a little bit of French,
I thought I'd try and include the localisations with my patch. I'd like a
bit of guidance on how to do this though.

I tried running "make update-po". This detected the new strings and added
them to the fr.po file, where I made the (I hope) correct translations and
saved them. However the make command also changed every .po file to include
the new string, and change the line numbers of strings in files I had

What is the correct way to include these changes in my patch? Do you want
me to include all of the automatically modified po files in the patch, just
the fr.po file for which I actually provided a translation, or is it a case
of just leaving the po/ directory entirely and letting the translation team
handle it?

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