[vlc-devel] Code Search Engine for VLC

Sandesh Agrawal sakuag333 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 04:11:36 CET 2014


This is the time when many enthusiastic open source developers are actively
participating in contributing to VLC source code to apply for GSoC .

For new comers, it is very difficult to familiarize with various modules in
the code. Hence to help them , i have come up with Code Search Engine which
is absolutely free to use .

I have indexed the VLC source code, so that anybody can search for a
keyword in the whole codebase, and get list of files where it is present.
One can open that file and navigate to all occurrence of that word in the
file very easily.

This is my small contribution to help people contribute to open source more

The link to Code Search Engine is : *www.wishbrook.com
<http://www.wishbrook.com> *

Code search engine is in very initial phases of development, and i will
keep on improving based on needs of users.
I would love to hear about feedback and scope of improvement .

sakuag333 at gmail.com
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