[vlc-devel] QTKit

Ollie ollie at rimms.co.uk
Tue Mar 4 09:17:26 CET 2014

Hi all!

Ok I'm a little out of my depth... But I'm desperately hoping that 
someone here can help by knowing about some vlc code that I simply do 
The basic concept of what we are trying to achieve is as follows: 2(or 
more, up to 6) "clients" on iPads.
Clients need to be able to receive a stream of LIVE mono audio presented 
to the the local server.
However, client also needs to be able to select the source audio of that 
stream from one of the channels of the audio interface attached to the 
Either this can be achieved by client selecting one of several "streams" 
and switching between streams, or by locking to a single stream and 
controlling the input to that stream server-side.
For robustness it seems best to go with the latter solution; single 
stream per client, switching audio input to streams.
But, the qtkit which would allow this seems not to include the 
functionality to point a stream's source at a specific channel of an 
audio interface. Although I'm told this exists in other VLC modules.

Any suggestions or help would be so gratefully received. Although I'm 
not the programmer (and therefore a bit useless with technical 
replies...) The guy who IS programming is across this too and will 
understand what I do not.
The reason for using VLC and not http streaming is latency; the HLS 
latency on iOS is too big for this application. In an ideal world I'd go 
for Jack Audio... But it's terminally broken on iOS 7... Doh!!!

As I said, any help so gratefully received.
Thanks for your time.


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