[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] lib: allow media player volume to be set before playing media

Adrien Maglo magsoft at videolan.org
Thu Mar 6 17:25:24 CET 2014

Le 06/03/2014 15:54, Rémi Denis-Courmont a écrit :
> On Thu, 06 Mar 2014 09:24:43 +0100, Adrien Maglo <magsoft at videolan.org>
> wrote:
>> Since the push of this commit, we have buffering issue with the
>> AudioTrack Java audio output module on some devices.
> The only difference it makes is that pf_activate() gets called earlier and
> on a different thread than start(). So if you experience issues, you most
> likely have bad interactions between those two functions in your plugin.

So, according to you, the problem would be from the amem aout or our 
The Android AudioTrack Java aout is basically just the usage of 

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