[vlc-devel] Problem with fullscreen mode on Mac

Ron Frederick ronf at timeheart.net
Sun Mar 23 03:56:16 CET 2014


I recently updated to VLC 2.1.4 here from 2.1.0. I had been holding off because I was having problems with fullscreen mode not selecting the right monitor. It looks like this problem still exists in 2.1.4. I think the problem was introduced as part of the changes included in version 2.1.1 — 2.1.0 doesn’t show this problem.

With the newer versions, VLC ignores the preference for what screen it should use when opening the player up in full screen. It is possible to work around the problem, but only by disabling full-screen, manually dragging the window over to the screen you want to go full screen on, and then re-entering full screen. Even then, this is forgotten about as soon as video playback ends if your VLC control window is on a different screen. In that case, if you stop & start playback, it jumps back to the primary screen again.

Has anyone else seen this problem?
Ron Frederick
ronf at timeheart.net

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