[vlc-devel] 3GP file appears to be accessed via VLC (not certain) and cause unmount probelm

Notes Jonny jongmob at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 11:49:39 CEST 2014


I found a possible problem. I am using VLC 2.1.3. I only saw this
problem after installing VLC.. therefore I am asking directly as I
don't have a way to debug on this computer to pinpoint further.

This is a 3GP file. I had to rename it to .dat to avoid it locking up
my Windows computer.

It appears to be that Explorer is using VLC to read properties from
the file, which then is stuck. It is not possible to unmount a USB
stick containing this file as .3gp because explorer is reading from
the file.

I have uploaded the ZIP here:

Regards, Jonny

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