[vlc-devel] VLC for IOS: Need help to display UDP MPEG TS

Janssens Dorus Dorus.Janssens at ksgr.ch
Mon Sep 1 14:02:45 CEST 2014


Im currently working in a hospital where we offer our patients live video streaming. We can display our stream with you VLC for IOS, but we have some coporate design wich doesnt allow to use the app directly.

We have to develop our own solution, and we would love to build this on your solution. Is it possible that someone who knows the IOS App has some time to look at my problem?

Current Problem:
We tried with Cocoa GDCAsynchUdpSocket to catch the stream and endcode it with the AV Framework. This doesnt seem to work at all.

After all i gave a look in your source code and would like to take the udp streaming part, but i get confiused how i exactly can use this. Could someone explain me which code i need to get the udp stream and how to display it finaly? I would be very pleased.

Here some details:

MPEG 1/2

Best regarts

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