[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/2] variables: var_CreateOps creates variable with create/dup/free callbacks

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Tue Sep 9 20:39:58 CEST 2014

Le mardi 9 septembre 2014, 19:58:15 Antti Ajanki a écrit :
> Use case: A reference counted variable can be safely stored as
> VLC_VAR_VARIABLE if it is created with callbacks that correctly
> manipulate the reference count.

But those callbacks need to remain loaded until the variables are deleted... 
which may be until after all modules are unloaded. That being the case, the 
callbacks may well be kept inside the core variables core.

So I believe this patch is practically useless.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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