[vlc-devel] Regression in loading subtitles from samba share on windows platform

Zoran Turalija zoran.turalija at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 12:45:49 CEST 2015

On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 10:03:26PM +0300, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le mardi 31 mars 2015, 14:27:26 Zoran Turalija a écrit :
> > When accessing movie from samba share with vlc for windows using UNC path,
> > subtitles that are located in same samba share path as movie is, are working
> > on vlc x64 nightlies build from 20150303, but not on build from 20150304.
> > Movie is being played just fine in both cases, except there is an error
> > while loading subtitle in later case.
> Sorry, should be fixed.

Rémi, thanks for addressing this issue.

Just tested with vlc x86 nightlies build from 20150401 (no x64 build with your
patch was available at the time of testing) and it's not working.

Looks like uri is somehow intermingled with UNC path now:


core debug: Buffering 0%
mkv debug: Starting the UI Hook
core debug: using demux module "mkv"
core debug: looking for a subtitle file in \\multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\
core debug: autodetected subtitle: \\multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt with priority 3
core debug: `file://multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt/videos/FOR%20TESTING//tears.of.steel.english.srt' gives access `file' demux `' path `multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt/videos/FOR%20TESTING//tears.of.steel.english.srt'
core debug: creating demux: access='file' demux='subtitle' location='multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt/videos/FOR%20TESTING//tears.of.steel.english.srt' file='\\multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt'
core debug: looking for access_demux module matching "file": 13 candidates
core debug: no access_demux modules matched
core debug: creating access 'file' location='multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt/videos/FOR%20TESTING//tears.of.steel.english.srt', path='\\multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt'
core debug: looking for access module matching "file": 23 candidates
filesystem debug: opening file `\\multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt'
filesystem error: cannot open file \\multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt (No such file or directory)
core debug: no access modules matched
core error: open of `file://multimedia\videos\FOR TESTING\\tears.of.steel.english.srt/videos/FOR%20TESTING//tears.of.steel.english.srt' failed
core debug: looking for decoder module matching "any": 43 candidates
avcodec debug: CPU flags: 0x010011db

I hope this issue is not related to one of those april fools' day jokes. :)

Kind regards,
Zoran Turalija

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