[vlc-devel] Timecode support in VLC Player

Jean-Philippe Encausse Jp at encausse.net
Wed Apr 22 17:00:36 CEST 2015

Roiy Shpaner <roiy <at> cs.umanitoba.ca> writes:

> Hi Alexander,
> I’m currently in the process of finishing the implementation for a 
feature that contains some aspects of what you are looking for.
> Here are some screenshots  (the UI is a work in progress): 
> The feature allows the user to tag events (start and end points in a 
video) into layers that can then be played automatically. The user can 
also navigate back and forward between events (It is also possible to 
annotate these events).
> The timecodes are saved with millisecond accuracy.
> Let me know if you’d like to check out the current build.
> Roiy
> From: vlc-devel [mailto:vlc-devel-bounces <at> videolan.org] On Behalf 
Of Ermakov, AlexanderSent: February-13-14 3:40 AMTo: vlc-devel <at> 
videolan.orgSubject: [vlc-devel] Timecode support in VLC Player
> Hi, VLC team!
> I would like to get some features re timecodes and SMPTE support in 
VLC player (there are many of us: 
> I’m looking for a developer(s) who can devote some time to this task. 
> I will provide Design Document and funds. My estimation is about 2000 
euro for this amount of work but this is discussable.
> Could you advise what’s the right way to find the developers?
> Here’s the requested feature brief description:
> Intro:
> We are a software vendor for television companies. We need a 
standalone solution to view (play) and mark segments (pieces) in media 
> Basics:
> Each frame in a video can be coded with a timecode (TC) which 
basically looks like “hh:mm:ss;ff” (ff stand for frames, note varying 
delimiters). Each segment is a pair of timecodes: start (SOM) and end 
(EOM). Key point here is the frame-accuracy. Some media containers (ex. 
WMF, MXF) support a particular field in each frame with the explicitly 
stored TC (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-
> Request:
> 1.       Add new navigation controls to the panels and menus
> 2.       Add new controls to mark a pair of SOM-EOM and send this info 
to another process by RPC/message.
> 3.       Support frame-accuracy and TC calculations for these formats 
(autodetected by FPS):
> ·         25 FPS (PAL)
> ·         29.97 FPS (NTFS with dropframe - 
> ·         30 FPS  (HDTV)
> ·         60 FPS (for future use)
> We have some groundwork on timecodes calculations (C++ classes to 
parse/generate correct SMPTE timecode from/to absolute frames number) 
and can provide them to the community.
> Mockup of interface changes (buttons could be rearranged however):
> Alexander Ermakov
> CEO of BroadView Russia
> email: ae <at> bvrs.ru
> Web: bvrs.ru
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Hi Roiy,

Where can I find more information about VLC Events and Annotation ? 

That's exactly what I was looking for use with subtitles


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