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KEMAL EMRECAN Sahin ksahin at ku.edu.tr
Wed Dec 9 14:38:56 CET 2015

Hi all,

I was trying to do DASH via VLC media player(2.1.1 Rincewind) in my ubuntu
12.04. I build my VLC via following link's instructions

https://wiki.videolan.org/Compile_VLC .

I open my VLC via terminal with command ./vlc -vvvv ( that allows me to
track the warnings, and debugs... )

I did the same procedure what the following youtube video explanation have


After choosing All for show settings, I made the adjustments for DASH under
Stream filters in input/codecs option. I got the manifest file for Big Buck
Bunny from


When I started to stream this file, I got the following problems:
*I lost the frames that are belong the beginning of the video
*I couldn't get a proper(smooth&clear) visual content until a certain time
*I obtained "main video output warning: picture is too late to be displayed"

After using Big Buck Bunny, I tried some different video manifest files
from same link


I obtained the same result.

Is there anyway to fix my problems so that I can achieve a smooth&clear
visual content from the beginning of the video?

Kemal Emrecan Şahin

Research&Teaching Assistant
Electric& Electronics Engineering
GSM: +90 536 498 8694
Koç University,
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