[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Fix #16075 WebVTT subtitles not working properly.

Andrea Giudiceandrea andreaerdna at libero.it
Wed Dec 9 18:41:04 CET 2015

Wed Dec 9 15:08:44 CET 2015 Denis Charmet:

> from hh:mm:ss.ddd to mm:ss.ddd seems quite unlikely

I agree with you, we can do without that.

I didn't want to change the code itself (like removing the sscanf for
"%d:%d:%d.%d --> %d:%d.%d"), but only reassemble it in a
proper way to solve the problem #16075, because it was not changed even
by the previous commit (3e8235d demux: subtitle: add support for SBV
(fix #15180)) that changed the code all around it and also because it
seems harmless.

By the way, it seems that modules/demux/subtitle.c needs a general revision.

Andrea Giudiceandrea

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