[vlc-devel] Input syntax discrepancies for title spec MRL

Bluflonalgul bluflonalgul at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 19:43:41 CET 2015


I've noticed this discrepancy and looked further into the code to track it:

Mac OX result for VLC -H
Stream MRL syntax:
[:option=value ...]

Windows result for vlc -H
Stream MRL syntax:

[[access][/demux]://]URL[#[title][:chapter][-[title][:chapter]]] [:option=value

===> To specify titles: in first case this is "@", in second case this is

Then I checked vlc-2.1.5\src\input\input.c

(get title_start,chapter_start,title_end,chapter_end)
Syntax mentioned in source comments:
It looks like the @ is the delimiter for titles and chapters string

(parse the access, demux and url part of the Media Resource Locator)
split the string, the anchor is after '#' , anchor is the main argument for

=====>  So, does anyone have a clue about this syntax ?

For sure the @ works in Mac OS as advertised in help, even for ISO files.
And the # doesn't work in Windows on the same ISO file (neither does the @)
the character is always included in the file name, which is not found.

I still have to figure out where is this difference between Mac OS and
Windows in the source code.

Please, could you tell me :
1) where to look in source code ? (I've done global recursive search on *.c
on a dozen keywords)
2) why is there this character difference between those OSes ?
3) which character is the right one in Windows to specify title on ISO file

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