[vlc-devel] about adding a png as logo over video with libvlc

Maria Gheorghe reclamamulta at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 17:10:25 CET 2015

I see windwos vlc has the ability to put a image over the video so you to
have it as logo whiile the video is playing.
I want to play in android vlc a movie and to add using some libvlc funtions
a image as logo over it.
Do you think is this possible in android ?
I'm asking cause you know better how this is working and I do not know if
It deserve to put a effort and time to research how to do this in vlc.
I'm very bussy with some other work too and if this is not easy to do in
android with some libvlc funtions , maybe i'll just skip it for now.

So the question is : Is it possible to add a image over a video in android
vlc ?
Thank you very much and have a nice day
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