[vlc-devel] Fwd: need Help regarding Playing RTSP URL

Bilal Ahmed bilal.ahmed at expertflow.com
Tue Jan 13 13:10:34 CET 2015

Hi Raymond,

Hope you will be fine and doing great. I am working in java web application
and I simply want to play live streaming RTSP URL. I started working with
QuickTime Java Library and on later I came to know that has been defecated
and also Java media framework library.

Can you please tell me the possible options for this ?  Here I have this
question that you may refer for further details.
Manipulating and Processing Live Streaming using RTSP Streaming URL inside
Web Application

I have used this code snippet but couldn't succeed:

 MediaPlayerFactory mFactory = new MediaPlayerFactory();
        HeadlessMediaPlayer mPlayer = mFactory.newHeadlessMediaPlayer();

        String mrl = "rtsp://";

        String options =
                + ":file{dst=C:/Users/public/videos/6c9614ae122a2851.mp4}";

        mPlayer.playMedia(mrl, options);

P.S. I am developing application on machine with windows OS. And one more
Important thing that I have streamed successfully using VLC and Quicktime
Media player installed in my machine with Windows OS. Now, I simply want to
play it programtically through my application.

Thanks for your time. Hope to see you soon.

Best Regards,
Bilal Ahmed Yaseen
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