[vlc-devel] [PATCH] to get Windows cross compile working

David R. Robison david.robison at openroadsconsulting.com
Tue Jan 20 17:07:32 CET 2015

commit f6cae508aae0bcbe1b7dbb84b246a3faa8a49ef4
Author: David R Robison <david.robison at openroadsconsulting.com>
Date:   Tue Jan 20 08:04:55 2015 -0800

     Get vlc from git not tarball

diff --git a/contrib/src/x264/rules.mak b/contrib/src/x264/rules.mak
index 34a567b..c2dfb4a 100644
--- a/contrib/src/x264/rules.mak
+++ b/contrib/src/x264/rules.mak
@@ -64,14 +64,14 @@ $(TARBALLS)/x264-git.tar.gz:
      $(warning $@ not implemented)
      touch $@

-.sum-x264: x264-git.tar.gz
+.sum-x264: x264-git.tar.xz
      $(warning $@ not implemented)
      touch $@

-x264: x264-git.tar.gz .sum-x264
+x264: x264-git.tar.xz .sum-x264
      rm -Rf $@-git
      mkdir -p $@-git
-    $(ZCAT) "$<" | (cd $@-git && tar xv --strip-components=1)
+    (cd $@-git && tar xvf ../../tarballs/x264-git.tar.xz 

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