[vlc-devel] Fwd: UPnP causes vlc to freeze

Federico Beffa beffa at ieee.org
Tue Jan 27 18:50:59 CET 2015


I have a minidlna server 1.1.4 serving a relatively large dataset of
media files (ca. 4400 audio files and ca. 3000 images). When I try to
access the data with vlc by clicking on the "Universal Plun'n'Play"
entry on the left hand side of the window, the vlc GUI freezes and the
CPU peeks at 100%. Vlc actually sometimes even freezes the GNOME
desktop and I have to connect from a remove host to kill vlc.

This happens with vlc 2.2.0-rc2 back to at least 2.0.9, while using an
old version (2.0.3) works fine for me.

I've narrowed down the portion of the code which seems responsible for
this. The attached patch changes this portion of the code to an older
version of the code (as in 2.0.3) and prevent vlc from freezing (it
only becomes irresponsive for a few seconds). It seems that the code
was changed to solve bug 7776


However, the problem introduced seems worse to me.

I would greatly appreciate any help in properly fixing both issues.

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