[vlc-devel] Limitation when using smem interface?

vlc-dev at afx7.com vlc-dev at afx7.com
Mon Jul 13 23:51:57 CEST 2015

I am using the smem interface to capture frames and do work, then 
display them. Which seems to be working fine until I try to use some 
libvlc commands. For instance, when call libvlc_audio_set_delay, it says 
it was successful, but I don't hear any difference in the audio. I have 
a feeling it might be a limitation when using smem? I was not able to 
find any info when searching about this feature.

Along those lines, does libvlc_media_player_set_position or 
libvlc_media_player_set_time work with smem? Going forward in time 
appears to work, but going back causes no video frames to be sent, but 
sometimes audio is ok. Depending on how far back I go, it will 
eventually resume playing, but the delay is too long to be usable.

Should these functions work when using smem? If not, is there a better 
interface to use to support these features, but as simple to use as smem?


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