[vlc-devel] [PATCH 3/6] src: fix compilation of fourcc_gen on OS/2

KO Myung-Hun komh78 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 10:11:36 CEST 2015

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le 2015-07-20 07:08, KO Myung-Hun a écrit :
>> Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
>>> Le 2015-07-17 15:11, KO Myung-Hun a écrit :
>>>>> Hello. Not everybody uses GCC.
>>>> Not everybody uses c99, too.
>>> I could not care less about C95 and older systems. VLC has required
>>> officially c99 support for about nine years.
>> You don't have to care about those systems. However you should consider
>> the compilers that supports C99 specification, such as gcc -std=c99.
> I am not aware of any violation of the C99 and POSIX specifications in
> the FOURCC build-time code. If someone found an issue, they are welcome
> to file bugs, e.g. if the code depends on a GCC extension or Linux
> specifics.

The point is that gcc supports C99 specifications with -std=c99.

>>> You do realize that some of the ports are compiled with LLVM/clang,
>>> don't you?
>> Then, they are should be tested, too.
> That is the whole point of checking for "c99": it does not have to be
> GCC. It just has to be a C99 compiler.

The problem is that some systems do not have c99 utility although they
have compilers supporting C99.

So it is needed to check other compilers as well as c99. And I already
submitted the patch for this. With that patch, it's very easy to add
another compilers.

KO Myung-Hun

Using Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.7.2
Under OS/2 Warp 4 for Korean with FixPak #15
In VirtualBox v4.1.32 on Intel Core i7-3615QM 2.30GHz with 8GB RAM

Korean OS/2 User Community : http://www.ecomstation.co.kr

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