[vlc-devel] VLC in two servers and one host

V Abdi v88abdi at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 10:52:26 CEST 2015

Hi team
i want a VLC client to choose one of two VLC servers in two separate
servers. so i need to run two VLC servers in two hosts and just one VLC
client in another host.
is this possible?
it is not a constraint for live streaming (i just need video streaming) so
if i can download a file from one of these servers that's OK. but i don't
know its solution!
i already test (1)"vlc [path to file] --sout udp:// [destination path]"in
each two servers and (2)"vlc udp:// [source path]"in client. but it does
not work i need something like VoD. i test VoD too but i can't understand
some parts. i follow this instruction:


   Setup the VLM Configuration in each server
   1. Run the VLC GUI
      2. Select Tools -> VLM Configuration tool
      3. Use this tool to setup the videos you want to stream. For each
      4. Select "Video On Demand" from the first dropdown
      5. Select a name for the media (don't use spaces)
      6. Select the video file as the input
      7. Leave the output and muxer blank.
      8. Select "Add"
      9. Repeat 4-8 for each of your media files.
      10. Export the configuration. (then exit VLC???)

   Setup VLC VOD (whre should i use this? in servers?)
   1. Start VLC using the command line: vlc -vvv --color -I telnet
      --telnet-password <your_password> --rtsp-host
--rtsp-port 5554 (but
      what are -vvv? --color? and why i should use telnet?)
      2. Connect to the telnet server on port 4212 using the password in
      the above command line (with command telnet localhost:4212)
      3. Once connected, load the configuration file you exported above.
      Type the command load <path_to>/<configuration_file>.vlm

   Test the Client
   1. Open an instance of the VLC GUI.
      2. Open a network stream and point it to
      rtsp://localhost:5554/<name_of_media> where <name_of_media> is the
      name of one of the streams you configured in the VLM Configuration GUI.

also i should mention that i use an emulator to test my work in an ubuntu
thanks alot
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