[vlc-devel] marquee

JB general at itpsg.com
Tue Jun 23 16:33:12 CEST 2015

Would someone who actually knows please help me take the myth out of 
marquee.  I've ready a lot of posts of people having problems getting it 
working.  I've read it's buggy in 2.1.x versions but fixed in 2.2.0.  
I've upgraded to 2.2.1 by building from source but I'm still not have 
any success whatsoever with getting it working. I read one post from 
someone having problems with 2.2.1 but going back to 2.1.5 fixed it.

It also seems unclear if it should be run as a sub-filter or as a 
sub-source.  I'm just trying to stream a linux desktop with some text 
overlayed onto it.  If someone has the magic recipe to make that work, 
please, please help a guy out?


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