[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Handle GET_PARAMETER keepalive responses during PAUSE

Paul Clark paul at packetship.com
Thu Jun 25 12:16:12 CEST 2015

On 25/06/15 10:59, Ross Finlayson wrote:
> The usual way to do this sort of thing - within the LIVE555 event loop 
> - is to call
> TaskScheduler::scheduleDelayedTask()
> to periodically schedule a task that sends the “GET_PARAMETER” command 
> (and then calls "TaskScheduler::scheduleDelayedTask()” again).  If you 
> move the call to “sendGetParameterCommand()” from the “Demux()” 
> function to this new handler task, then that should solve your problem 
> - and all LIVE555 functions will continue to be called only from the 
> LIVE555 event loop thread, as they should.

Yes, that could work, or if there was a regular safe flow of control it 
would be trivial to just have a timer check in the live555.cpp code to 
do it.  The problem in both cases is nothing is calling doEventLoop() 
while the stream is paused...  That's an internal VLC issue which I need 
to discuss with the core devs...

Thanks again


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