[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Navigation enhancement for language learning

Goldy Liang goldyliang at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 19:05:57 CET 2015


Please find the patch of enhancement for language learning by adding
navigation function based on subtitle data.

Some background could be found in the forum thread:

Commit log:

Navigation based on subtitle data (next/prev sentence, repeat sentence)
New profile "Language learning style" for customize interface Added
Slower/faster fine buttons Handle interaction between AtoB and sentence

More detail:
 - Escalated the subtitle data structure into vlc_subtitle.h
 - Added a field in the input thread internal data to point to the
   main subtitle data
 - Introduced API to set/reset/get the main subtitle data
 - Subtitle demux module invoked set to expose the subtitle data
   Invoked reset if subtitle unloaded (module closed)
 - qt4 interface module invoked get to access subtitle
 - qt4 interface enhanced to navigate via subtitle data, including
   * prev/next sentence
   * repeat current sentence
 - Menu enhanced to add related new entries
 - Toolbar buttons added for related functions
 - A new profile of customize interface named "Language learning style"
 - Added slower/faster fine buttons
 - Interaction between AtoB and sentence repeat mode

Thank you for your review.

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