[vlc-devel] [PATCH 0/4] freetype: font fallback

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Mon Oct 26 23:41:17 CET 2015

On 27 Oct, Salah-Eddin Shaban wrote :
> > A-MA-ZING! Nothing short of that.
> Thanks! :)
> That means a lot to me, really.

Mostly to us, tbh :)

See the list of bugs closed:

> > This close #5353 #2336 #4973 #5123 #5144 #5847 #7729 #7990 #8641 #12141
> > #12432 bug reports and probably many others.

> > I'm afraid we will need DirectWrite to have a better support.
> I meant font linking by that. Font linking is unreliable because it
> [...] I would love to know if you are
> encountering similar issues with it.

We're asking our community to report bugs.

> I would have gone with
> DirectWrite but its fallback facilities require Windows 8.1 as a
> minimum.

If needed, we can use DW on Win > 8.1 and Uniscribe before.
If it works, no need, I guess...

> >> The values in GetBestFont are arbitrary. You may want to change them. This function aims to fix two issues. If a family contains only a regular face and an Italic face is requested we should still return the regular face and let FreeType do synthetic styling. With font attachments this was not being done. The other issue is that not all styles of a family support the same scripts or codepoints. As an example the Italic face of Arial has no Arabic support whereas the regular face does. So with the font set to Arial, Italic Arabic text was appearing as missing glyphs.
> >
> > I value your opinion on this. But once again, comments would be nice.
> Okay. I will add comments, and probably some useful debug messages, shortly.

I split the code a bit, to help other people to understand and split
platforms in different files...

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