[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Add option to change network cache while playing video

Paulo Vitor Magacho da Silva pvmagacho at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 12:51:55 CET 2015

Yes, PTZ means pan, tilt, zoom. The network cache introduces a delay
between the PTZ command and the video response. In a normal live stream
500ms-1000ms is ok for network cache, but when using PTZ, a reduced network
cache around 100ms is more appropriate.

This will allow the video to show the movement with almost no delay from
the command. Obviously this is interesting in a local network environment
were network latency and speed are not an issue.

When playing the video the network cache can be set, but the application
needed this change to happen while the video was already playing to allow a
fast transition from one situation (PTZ disabled) to the other (PTZ

About, the documentation, I can rewrite to allow a better understanding of
the api.

I doubt that even works with threaded demuxer, and I don't see why this
> should be triggered externally anyway.

Sorry, but I didn't understand about the threaded demuxer. I've implemented
this patch over 6 months ago, and have been using it without any issue. The
application I've developed play live cameras that supports PTZ. Multiple
cameras are displayed and a specific camera can be selected to allow PTZ
commands to be sent.

So far, the patch didn't present any issue, but this doesn't mean that it
won't fail in a specific case.

If there is another way to allow the network cache to be changed
(reduced/increased) without the need to reset PCR and video buffer it would
be great.

Thank you,
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