[vlc-devel] Seeking opinions

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Tue Sep 8 09:56:02 CEST 2015


Le 2015-09-08 05:37, tony a écrit :
> My idea is, if we use a linked list like that instead:
> typedef struct
>  {
>     decoder_t   *p_dec;
>     decoder_t   *p_dec_record;
>     dec_list_t  *next;
> } dec_list_t;
> When next is null, the overhead is low,
> but this enables one es_out_id_t to have multiple decoders.

It is true that it would not cause much overhead. Howevre I do not 
really understand how that helps with your goal of playing two subtitles 
tracks simultaneously. Indeed, there should be one SPU ES, and thus one 
es_out_id_t for each subtitle track.

If you create two decoders for one single track, you should get the 
same track rendered in double. I think you need to select two SPU ES at 
the same time instead, with one decoder for each SPU ES.

(Yet the more difficult issue is to avoid subtitle overlapping one 
another on top of the video. You probably noticed it already.)

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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