[vlc-devel] Playing Youtube videos in VLC

Marian Weimershaus marian811 at web.de
Thu Sep 17 17:46:54 CEST 2015


>> Le 2015-09-17 14:11, Marian Weimershaus a écrit :
>> Isnt it possible to buffer the whole video in VLC (no matter if it
>> was
>> "paused" or not) and let the user skip to whatever scene he wants
>> (and
>> back!) without having VLC buffer certain parts of the video again and
>> again?
> Currently the buffer is limited to 16 MiB by default, but you can
> increas prefetch-buffer-size if you need to.

Where exactly can I change this value? If've found "Preferences -> Tools -> Input/Codecs -> Network caching (ms)" but this value is in ms, not MiB.
Unfortunately it doesn't change that much. When I pause the stream and resume it 5 minutes later, it will cancel the stream after a few seconds. :(
And apart from that, VLC seems to "forget" the parts of the video that were buffered once, when trying to jump to a certain part of the video and back.
Maybe someone wants to fix it?

best regards

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