[vlc-devel] libvlc_media_get_state - buffering state never set

Olivier Aubert contact at olivieraubert.net
Thu Apr 7 23:43:38 CEST 2016


I got a bug report from a python bindings user, about the
libvlc_media_get_state function returning a libvlc_Playing state even
when a stream (http in this case) is buffering. The documentation
states (implies) that it should return a libvlc_Buffering state. The
python bindings are rather straightforward there, so I suspect a libvlc

Indeed, after inspecting the source code (basically with a 
git grep libvlc_Buffering) I realized that libvlc_Buffering is never
used to set the state, it is only checked in conditions (except if some
implicit magic/conversion takes place, which would be a bad thing
anyway). Hence the libvlc_media_get_state can never return it.

I am not acquainted enough with the input code (from which the state is
set) to determine the difficulty of fixing this issue.

Anyone has an idea ?


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