[vlc-devel] WxWidgets Interface for Blind Users

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Thu Apr 28 22:28:15 CEST 2016


On Thursday 28 April 2016 19:40:45 Ozancan Karataş wrote:
> I'm a blind computer user that using with Windows operating system and
> NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) screen reader.
> Qt interface isn't accessible at this time, and never won't be accessible.

That is quite the peremptory statement. Would you please elaborate how you can 
be sure that the Qt GUI framework will never be accessible?

> Noone screen readers does read Qt as full.

I think that is really an issue between Qt and the screen reader vendors. The 
VLC developers have no influence.

> My suggestion:
> Don't remove Qt, but add WxWidgets interface next to Qt as option.

The VideoLAN foundation does not have the financial means to add (or rather 
restore) that option, and can obviously not coerce the community into doing it 
for free either.

Truly support for Windows screen readers in general, and the WxWidgets 
interface in particular, have been a recurrent request for about 10 years now. 
Meanwhile nobody has stepped up to do that, and I unfortunately doubt that 
your email here will make any difference. At least, yours did not sound like 
you were considering addressing the problem yourself.

> We want to select WxWidgets on Preferences.

VLC is an open-source project. It does not matter what one wants; it matters 
what one does. You can either fix it or you can:
- use VLC on BSD, Linux or MacOS,
- use VLC through the web interface,
- use an alternative software audio player.

> Blinds needs your help.

We, as in the few remaining VLC developers here, do unfortunately not have the 
time and expertise to help you.

Best regards and thanks for your understanding,

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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