[vlc-devel] [PATCH 20/21] demux/bluray: do not depend on demux_t::s during initialization

Filip Roséen filip at atch.se
Wed Aug 3 12:37:42 CEST 2016

The patch which this email is a reply to contains a very weird brainfart
from my end; apparently it seems that I have no yet mastered the art of
reading conditional-expressions.

Attached is a modified patch that fixes what I can only assume to be a typo
(unless I am really losing it).

On 16/07/31 22:42, Filip Roséen wrote:

> Given that modules with "demux" and "demux_access" now always have an
> associated source stream, this module shall not depend on the value of
> demux_t::s during initialization.
> Instead this patch introduces two different entry points, one for each
> type of demuxer, and adds an argument to the original callback to
> conditionally enable functionality associated with one, but no the
> other.
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