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Thu Dec 1 07:30:17 CET 2016

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From: "yeyamin" <yeyamin0000 at 126.com>
Date: 2016-10-26 09:39:18
To: nick at videolan.org
Subject: a bug

    vlc is a great project.when I integrated it with libvlc,i find a bug.so i think i should tell you and in future we could fix it.make it much better.
    the version is 2.2.4 when i used .first of all,i call libvlc_new and then return a object.i want to open the file next and the file path is not valid,such as "d:\output232.mp4" .and then call libvlc_vlm_add_broadcast and libvlc_vlm_play_media.we are getting crash.in libvlc_vlm_play_media.
for example:
libvlc_instance_t *vlc;
const char *url;

const char *sout = "#transcode{vcodec=h264,fps=25,venc=x264{preset=ultrafast,"\
"profile=baseline,tune=zerolatency},vb=512,"                              \
"acodec=mpga,ab=64,channels=2}"                                           \
const char *media_name = "test";

url = "d:\output232.mp4";

vlc = libvlc_new(0, NULL);
if (libvlc_vlm_add_broadcast(vlc, media_name, url, sout, 0, NULL, true, false) < 0){
printf("libvlc_vlm_add_broadcast :%s\n", libvlc_errmsg());
return 0;
libvlc_vlm_play_media(vlc, media_name);

//play 30s  

libvlc_vlm_stop_media(vlc, media_name);

best wish


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