[vlc-devel] VLC Problems

JamesG jamesg at peoplepc.com
Fri Dec 2 15:39:05 CET 2016

  Dear Ms.  Da Conceicao Baptista and VLC team at large ,
(Last-Translator: Elizabeth Da Conceicao Baptista <elizabeth at tonle.net>

Would you please send instructions for disabling _*all the internet 
connection files*_ in the VLC
*I am especially interested in knowing all the files that are accessing 
my _telnet_.*
telnet.luac ; libtelnet_plugin.dll ; tvrage.luac et al *and* any other 
files that access the internet.

*I *have no reason to go on the internet using VLC.
I am on dialup and the PC doesn't like all these "phone home" programs 
vying for my bandwidth,
and I also don't appreciate the privacy problem.

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