[vlc-devel] [PATCH 12/13] vout/opengl: add a new API to configure fragment shaders

Wilawar chrcnt7 at swift-mail.com
Tue Dec 13 21:57:01 CET 2016

Formatting such as displayed there (which is, btw, also not a patch)?
Have a look at the author, please.

More precedence:

I didn’t say git was too hard for me to use (do you want to imply again that I’m stupid?),
I said it was too cumbersome and I remain at that position. If you want to require me to use git
and do the whole roundtripping dance just to point out a few typos and English corrections, I plainly
won’t do that – which I feel like might be your true intent anyways.
Also, please leave the strawmans on the fields, no need to beat them up.

Then, I don’t get why you tell me to ask about formatting on the IRC channel when we talked about
precisely this topic a few days ago and you were unwilling to give me more information back then –
did you change your mind? If so, why do you still tell me to go looking through other mail?

After the topic had been raised, I’ve explicitly looked for formatting differences when I went through new 
messages on this list. I’ve noticed only two obvious differences: First, that many of you seem to end your
lines either at around 80 or at around 72 characters (as defined in some old advice) and second, that you
seem to introduce many small paragraphs for no apparent reason.

On this list, there doesn’t seem to be any hard limit on line length (there are also a couple of guys who use
different lengths). It’s not really necessary either in this day and age, so I assumed it was just an old habit.
If you wanted me to adhere to a limit of 72 characters (80 doesn’t really make sense IIUC), you could have
told me straight into my virtual face, right around the first time when I asked about formatting on the ML;
I believe I even mentioned line-length explicitly (no, I won’t bother looking it up, I’ve already wasted enough
time on this mail …).

If, for some reason, it would help you with reading if I inserted an empty line every two sentences
(this honestly seems to be the average case), I’d be willing to do that, although I dislike this style myself.

With all this said, I do take Thomas’ feedback seriously. I do not see any place where I’ve been overly verbose – the information which I thought should be there is there, no part is really superfluous – except maybe the very
first sentence (the one about my original intent when writing this message), I could have omitted that one.

I do not want to leave out the reasoning for changes (which was also relatively short), especially when they
are about language, a very personal matter that is highly dependent on style and preference.

I will read my previous mail again tomorrow, to get a more unbiased look on it, but I don’t expect to gain much
from doing this, it didn’t help with my other mails in the past.

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