[vlc-devel] [PATCH] macosx: First commit VLCStatusBarIcon code for macosx gui.

User Goran Dokic vlc at 8hz.com
Sat Jan 2 12:04:07 CET 2016

Hi all,

Here's the first version of my macosx VLCStatusBarIcon (statusitem)
addition and changes to the latest master branch for integration. I 
find it comfy to have it. 

There are 2 new objective c files, two very minor changes to existing
code, 5 new small PNGs (icons) and dirs, a new xib and some small
additions to the project file and 2 Makefile.am files.

Main functions:
- Menubar status icon for macosx for vlc
- Playback controls synced to VLC internals (follow app state)
    - Play/Pause 
    - Stop
    - Next
    - Previous
    - Toggle Random
- Utility menu items/functions
    - Show (part of) URL/PATH and Copy URL/Path to clipboard
    - Restore MainWindow to front (from any state)
- Tooltip with some info, to display current track/time/url/path 
- Seems to work for video too (bonus)

Design choice.. Tooltip and menu URL item are updated with a TimerHandler.. 
I'd wanted to do it on demand, but I can't catch the mouse in/out 
events without some major trickery. Neither does the tooltip signal its
impending creation/display, like the menu fortunately does (menuNeedsUpdate), 
afaict. The impact is small though, so maybe later.

I'm afraid I have no way of testing this on other macs than my retina
probook with 10.10.5. Seems to work well for what I wanted out of it.

Awaiting your response,



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