[vlc-devel] [PATCH] macosx: First commit VLCStatusBarIcon code for macosx gui.

David Fuhrmann david.fuhrmann at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 10:26:34 CET 2016


> The point here was that you can copy and then paste your URL in the
> next 'tool', like a stream URL to IRC (hey dude listen to this!)
> in a split second :) No nead to find the main window, then the stream,
> copy the right info.
> Doing this for local files is still interesting, but only if you can open
> the path/file through the finder or something. So you can immediately
> scrap it if it sucks or rename it, for instance. I do see usecases. 

This might make sense for some online streams. For others, it might not work as intended as VLC rewrites some URLs (e.g. youtube).
For local files, for me it does not make much sense - and I assume a lot of users play local files with VLC.

> I did consider (and try) just saying 'Copy URL/PATH' in the item
> and nothing else, as it is already apparent from the tooltip what
> will be copied. So we can go there.

Seems better for me.

>> - Activating the main window: should be renamed a bit, but might be useful indeed.
> Rename to what, if I dare ask? It is called 'Main Window' in the regular
> VLC 'Window' menu :) 
> Mine's a bit better though, imho.. It shows the actual window in
> front of everything else, in whatever state it was. You don't have
> to activate the VLC menu bar (eg. through alt/tab or dock icon) and
> then go to the window menu to get the main window (which is a crazy
> mac-ism, if you ask me).
> But calling it 'Restore Main Window' or 'Show Main Window' or even
> 'Summon Main Window' makes as much sense. It's up to you.

Yes, I would rename it to 'show main window‘, or similar.

>> - Play / Stop: Fine, but I do not like the icons that much. I think we should remove them, as this would be a more OS X like menu.
> I like the visual cue. As on all devices ever, these actions are
> represented by those icons. And lots of macosx apps have icons in their
> menu's. It's a standard menuItem feature too, no trickery needed.
> But I can live without them, if you think it fits better. There is no 
> pressing need to keep them there.
>> - Rest of the menu seems fine.
>> - Tooltip: I would remove the URL from the list. Also, if nothing is playing, I would just write something like ???No media playing currently???, not listing all those items explicitly.
> Sure, I can do that. Seems cleaner indeed.
>> Regarding the gathering of all information:
>> Currently you are using a poll-based approach and the timer to update the tooltip periodically. I understand this is more easy at a first glance, but it is not ok for the final version.
>> Polling is bad in general, and more importantly, information is always a bit out of date (I already saw the URL in the first menu item missing quite some times, even after the media started playing already).
> It probably is, but I was aiming to change as little code as possible and
> I came away with just a couple of changed lines in intf.h/m. 
> That being said, my original intent was to get the info when entering the
> icon area with the mouse, on demand.

I think this will not work for the tooltip.


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