[vlc-devel] [PATCH] nsis: do not look for plugins/ folder elsewhere than /plugins/

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Fri Jan 22 00:42:05 CET 2016

On 21 Jan, Rafaël Carré wrote :
> Hmm it seems you changed the commit that was cherry-picked in 2.2,
> because 2.2 didn't have
> 1806cbc0576a98dc25d54d9f54b4f9cc054dee54

Yes, of course, I did, so that the 2 trees have the exact same code, aka:

File /r /x sdk "${FOLDER}" which is the code that works.

> And since I tested the 2.2 version I did not see a problem.

Sorry, but no...
After 93787b31ab3a5df283f14ef271baadd83a54712c, the code in vlc.git
File /r /x sdk "${FOLDER}"
After f88e58fbf5d5ce0dd67973c92091ac6ba16a96a6, the code in vlc-2.2.git
File /r /x sdk "${FOLDER}"

> in the same code shouldn't the cherry-pick have a "conflicting" message?

The conflicting message was dropped from git since quite a few versions

> Also did I miss what 93787b31ab3a5df283f14ef271baadd83a54712c was fixing
> beyond skipping sdk?

It fixed the documented ticket (15589) and the hundreds of forum
messages that made all the nightly builds unusable since quite a few
months, because "${FOLDER}/*.*" did not preserve the layout.

> AFAIU this was meant for 2.2 but is not necessary with both
> 1806cbc0576a98dc25d54d9f54b4f9cc054dee54
> and 16b6f69f50f5f7d0733203790e01e9f75d5a4446

No, it IS necessary.
As explained quite a few times on IRC, and above.

Sorry, but pushing without testing is not cool...

> I'll see if upgrading g++ on altair fixes this

No, because as I asked several time, you should NOT update g++ on
altair, and move to gcc5, because it breaks the ABI, and we agreed, on
IRC, to do that, after the release of 2.2.2.

Someone updated altair in december, without listening or checking,
breaking the Windows nightly builds. Which is why we need to move away
from manual updates on the altair2.

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