[vlc-devel] [PATCH 0/4] Improvments for NSIS installer

Daniel Amm da2424 at t-online.de
Fri Jan 22 19:08:55 CET 2016

These patches will improve and fix some things in the NSIS installer.

The first patch allows to compile the script on Windows, too.

The second patch depends on various patches, which are currently only applied for vlc-2.2.git:
917bddade90049306a5c4e8daadf5b3a905f038f (l10n: NSIS: updating Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai and Welsh)
9b7216e2be577aea37aeb8c798c34c0e240c6eef (l10n: NSIS: Add Albanian, Croatian and Icelandic files)
a7ac010d0cc463e688635d012e4d186397cabc2c (l10n: NSIS: Add Albanian to config)
59a409f8bec2cd7ccce2198ec1fb8030fb807ce5 (l10n: NSIS: Add Croatian to config)
d5aba5ddc451e07bbc47919945b39e55e4129ce2 (l10n: NSIS: Add Icelandic to config)
70a8fffb54e1df90d3e12eade9e8553f73a47e0e (Fix quoting)
13c2bfc1a0eede899e5627302ae27ef7fef1cbe5 (l10n: NSIS: updating Albanian, Danish and Swedish)
108b8b1fad8575e1ee148872c51ae4b280652615 (l10n: NSIS: updating Danish, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Turkish)
ed88d3cb8cb3a7d34128b6557ca77a54ac352881 (l10n: NSIS: adding Afrikaans and Indonesian)

The third patch will close searches after these are done.

The fourth patch is only a suggestion to improve the installation of folders, which was originally intended in 1806cbc0576a98dc25d54d9f54b4f9cc054dee54.
With this patch, the installer will not look for other folders/files with the same name (like 'plugins').

Daniel Amm (4):
  NSIS: Improve include paths
  NSIS: fix warnings
  NSIS: Close searches if it's completed
  NSIS: improve the installation of folders

 extras/package/win32/NSIS/helpers/install.nsh     |  6 +++-
 extras/package/win32/NSIS/helpers/utils.nsh       | 17 ++++++------
 extras/package/win32/NSIS/languages/afrikaans.nsh |  2 +-
 extras/package/win32/NSIS/languages/romanian.nsh  |  2 +-
 extras/package/win32/NSIS/vlc.win32.nsi.in        | 34 +++++++++++------------
 5 files changed, 32 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)


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