[vlc-devel] [PATCH 00/11] Initial cleaning of demux/mkv

Filip Roséen filip at videolabs.io
Thu Mar 3 17:27:38 CET 2016

There are some changes to the patches in this patch-tree that I would like to
include directly (instead of patching the patched code at a later time). I will
therefor resubmit the entire batch once I have finished some more cleaning, and
bug fixes. 

Sorry about the inconvenience.


On 16/03/02 18:04, Filip Roséen wrote:

> During the last few days I have been working on demux/mkv, primarily to clean
> it up but also to squeeze out more performance where applicable. The patches in
> this patch-tree are isolated enough so that they can be reviewed in an easy
> manner.
> There are many more patches coming up, though I will need to split them up
> into easily managable chunks, as well as reordering them so that it actually
> makes sense to apply them one by one.
> This patch-tree can be thought of as the initial cleaning, mostly blowing away
> dust before whipping out the sandpaper to really fix it up.
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