[vlc-devel] clean build fails because live555 was updated

Stefan Schmidt-Bilkenroth ssb at mac.com
Fri Mar 4 20:03:54 CET 2016

While working on a back-port for tvOS (current HEAD is too unstable), I found, that a clean build fails, because live555 has been updated and the referenced file is not available anymore.

Required changes are:

** VLCKit/MobileVLCKit/ImportedSources/vlc/contrib/src/live555/SHA512SUMS : 3 **

LIVE555_FILE := live.2016.02.22.tar.gz

** VLCKit/MobileVLCKit/ImportedSources/vlc/contrib/src/live555/rules.mak : 1 **

813a38d3d2068658e377d8b4ad4431d34bce1126ec590ef5a65c4add44605ca0316397edb407d78be63ebd0e40fac149aec8f992e0ef721d95ba9c6fe2638ddd  live.2016.02.22.tar.gz

Sorry, that I can’t prepare a real patch as requested, but within the backport it would show too many issues and sending patches from git does anyway not work with my iCloud mail account.

But I am sure you can apply the changes manually without problems.


SSB (Stefan Schmidt-Bilkenroth)

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