[vlc-devel] [PATCH 20/20] mkv: Reimplemented MkvTree and moved it to `Util.hpp`

Filip Roséen filip at videolabs.io
Mon Mar 7 11:42:40 CET 2016

The dynamic case is very rare (I have never seen an instance where it is
actually hit), as such I used `strcat` instead of `memcpy`.

The new implementation is not meant to be a super performance increase (even
though it aids a little since there is a lot of diagnostics going on when
initially parsing the mkv), but mostly a rewrite of the old implementation with
an added bonus (not doing dynamic initialization in 99.999..% of the cases).

One could use `std::string` for the purpose, but the C++03 grammar in terms of
`std::basic_string<...>` is not really my favorite part of the Standard.

> In my opinion, adding branching just to potentially avoid dynamic allocation is
> debatable. I didn't run a benchmark but it seems overkill in any case. If you are really
> concerned with the execution speed of a non critical function, I would argue that memcpy
> will be probably be faster than strcat :)

I agree with ou that branching is evil, and if you want to clean up the
implementation you are more than welcome to! I will make a note that the
function _could_ be refactored, but will work on other parts of the module
during the upcoming days.

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