[vlc-devel] [PATCH 02/14] mkv: make sure indexes are in order

Denis Charmet typx at dinauz.org
Wed Mar 9 14:21:34 CET 2016


While I agree that nothing in the spec prevents, it is very unlikely 
since the cues are generated as the file is being muxed and there are 
few chances that the muxer will start indexing bipredicitive frames 
which would be the only ones "out of order" of course you could have 

In any case you should apply that to IndexAppendCluster too since it 
also adds indexes while the file is being read. It was my poor attempt 
at somehow improving the seek without cues for a backward case.

We'll discuss that more extensively when I come at videolabs. But if 
you want to start fixing the Seek and Cthulhu knows it *does* need 
fixes... indexes shouldn't be a vector but a key ordered map with 
timecode as the key so we can start adding indexes of key frames and 
maybe each track that would need some kind of preroll could have its own 
map... so we could even reinject correctly the seekpoint subtitles when 

On 2016-03-09 13:12, Filip Roséen wrote:
> To add a little bit of information regarding the mental process
> leading up this patch:
> I could not find anything proving that the Cues are guaranteed to
> appear in order, and since we (when looking for the index) are doing a
> sequential search for the _first_ Cue (index) that is bigger than the
> desired seekpoint I was worried that a file containing Cues that are
> not in ascending order would make us beginning seeking at the wrong
> place.
> Let’s say we receive the Cues in the following order:
>  	* Cue #1: i_mk_time = 0
>  	* Cue #2: i_mk_time = 100
>  	* Cue #3: i_mk_time = 90
> The code responsible for seeking used a for-loop iterating through
> each Cue (index) (in order), breaking when i_mk_date <
> mkv_index.i_mk_time + mkv_index.i_mk_time_offset (where i_mk_date is
> the desired seeking position, and mkv_index is an object of type
> mkv_index_t).
> It then takes one step back (since it expects the index before our
> find to be smaller than i_mk_date).
> If we then imagine i_mk_date = 95, we would first end up at _Cue #2_,
> and then begin to seek from _Cue #1_ (even though _Cue #3_ would be a
> far better place).
> We would find _Cue #3_ if the cue’s appeared in sorted order inside
> our container of indexes.
> Please correct me if I understood things incorrectly, I am still very
> new to the matroska fileformat and libebml; thanks!
> -------------------------
> On 16/03/09 13:00, Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote:
>> On 09/03/2016 12:49, Filip Roséen wrote:
>>> This patch will protect us from seeking too far if a mkv-files 
>>> contains Cues that are not in ascending order.
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