[vlc-devel] AppImage for distributing VLC builds for Linux

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Sun May 8 13:32:47 CEST 2016

On 07 May, probono wrote :
> Good to know. I guess this will make my life easier. Is 12.04 the
> oldest distribution on which trunk can still be built? How about
> debian 6 or 7? I am trying to build on an old distribution in order
> not to get dependencies on "too recent" glibc or other system
> libraries, so that the resulting AppImage can run on as many target
> sytems as possible.

Well, seriously, I have no idea. I just thought 12.04 was a good idea,
since it was quite popular. Starting with 14.04 and then going down
might be a good idea?

> >  - if needed, alsa should be added to the contribs, not compile here.
> Are you saying it shouldn't be needed?

No, I'm saying that it should be added to our contribs system.

> >  - why disable-ncurses?
> Could not get it to compile on CentOS 6.


> >  - the hacks around LD_LIBRARY_PATH are wtf too..
> This is only for ldd to find all libraries during AppImage creation
> time. At runtime AppRun sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that libraries in the
> AppImage are picked up.

OK, I guess...

> >  - you should build Qt with the contribs
> What would be the advantage of doing so? I would like to avoid
> building Qt myself if not absolutely required because it would further
> increase build time. It is already now close to the allowable maximum
> on the cloud services I am using for building, Docker Hub and
> Travis-CI.


> Speaking of which, how are the VLC nightlies generated and is it
> imaginable that there could be
> http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/linux one day?

See jenkins.videolan.org and see with master thresh on IRC.

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