[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/4] mkv/demux: fix 17567: null-pointer dereference in EnsureDuration

Filip Roséen filip at atch.se
Wed Nov 2 09:19:21 CET 2016

Hi Steve,

On 2016-11-02 09:16, Steve Lhomme wrote:

> The description of the fix seems logical but that's not what the code
> does. I think EnsureDuration should keep the duration set to -1 if the
> list of clusters is empty, it should not crash.

Of course; EnsureDuration should not crash, but it currently assumes
that at least one cluster is present in the file, which causes it to
crash (on broken files where there is no cluster).

Given that a cluster is mandatory, there is no need to call the
function at all if there is no cluster; we won't be able to play the
file in either case.

 - In what way does the patch not do what the description states it
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