[vlc-devel] excessive bounces // disabled membership

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at videolan.org
Wed Nov 2 12:18:45 CET 2016


Some of you, specifically the ones using mail services from Google, might
have received the messages from mailman that your membership was disabled
due to excessive bounces.

This happened because Google MX servers check the DMARC policy [1], and
VideoLAN mailing list system does not generally hide From: addresses in
the mailing lists it hosts.  This in turn meant that certain legit (from
mailman point of view) mails were discarded on Google side, and therefore
you were asked to re-confirm your membership.

I've hopefully fixed this on VideoLAN side by munging the From:/Reply-To:
headers of domains that have the reject/quarantine policies for their
mails, leaving the rest of emails as they are.

I do understand that if your membership is still disabled, you won't be
getting this mail, but thought it would be a good idea to describe the

Sorry about the hassle.

Konstantin Pavlov
Mobile: +7 926 165 45 31
Skype: cryothresh
Twitter: @cryothresh

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