[vlc-devel] Tone of discussion

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Mon Nov 7 19:57:13 CET 2016

Hello guys/girls,

The tone on the mailing-lists, the IRC channels and a couple of other
means of communications has been a bit too aggressive for my taste in
the last few days and weeks.

I don't care exactly who started what (I've better things to do), but
the attitude is a bit too widespread for my likings, and almost everyone
is involved in this situation.

I've sent a few remarks (and warnings) to a few people in queries on IRC
or private emails, about this. Please let it not escalate more than

I know it's the beginning of the winter, and the weather is shitty; I
know some parts of VLC are quite annoying to work on, and the problems
we have to fix are hard (the easy ones were fixed long time ago).

We are nice and clever people and we're working on a cool project, used
everywhere (we're on the way to surpass Firefox in terms of userbase!).
Moreover, it's still quite development active, which is getting rare in
terms of open source projects...

So let's focus on making it better, in a more calm&collected fashion,
and I'll pay the beers next time we meet!

Thanks a lot,

Jean-Baptiste Kempf -  President
+33 672 704 734

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