[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Implementation of Dozer streaming protocol

Daniele Lacamera root at danielinux.net
Thu Oct 6 08:53:28 CEST 2016

Thank you all for the precious reviews and for the time spent on that.

According to your comments, we identified 33 separate issues/questions.

Two of them are actual security issues in the protocol, which mostly
require better checks of the incoming datagrams in the access module.

About 10 of them seem to be inherited from the udp.c modules, where we
initially have based our code upon.

We are currently busy reworking the patches (there will be two separate
ones for the two modules, as indicated) and you will receive them soon.

Additionally, we'd like to re-address the issues to the udp module
itself where applicable, so an additional patch to fix those in the
original udp streaming module will follow.

We are also working to make the internal FEC code clearer as suggested,
by setting more adequate variable names and adding comments that
explains the functionality. This will hopefully make your reading
through the code a bit less tedious.

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