[vlc-devel] deinterlace: x86: remove inline asm, part 1 of x: yadif

Janne Grunau janne-vlc at jannau.net
Thu Oct 20 00:53:14 CEST 2016


over the next days I'll remove all inline asm in
modules/video_filter/deinterlace. Starting today with yadif. This takes
libav's yadif asm and integrates it into vlc's build. Reverts the removal
of support for yasm and adds x86inc.asm and x86macros.asm from libav.
Only lightly tested on 32 and 64 bit but should be safe nevertheless
since it's just copied from libav.

I already rewrote all inline asm of the other deinterlace modes as
external asm but those are not yet tested.


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